Make your Home a Hospitable Environment for Guests

In a perfect home every person entering your door feels welcome and glad to be there. The issue is not how clean a house is but our attitude towards the condition of our home. I function best in a clean, organized home because it enables me to relax and be hospitable. Maintaining a clean clutter-free house is a priority with me. I like to leave with everything picked up so I come home to an organized home. When I leave my house, beds are made, dishes are in the dishwasher, bathrooms are freshened up and everything is in it’s place. I leave my house in a condition I can happily come home to and would not be embarrassed if someone came over unannounced.

For some people getting their home clutter-free would require so much time they could not relax and be a good hostess. Maintain your home at the level of organization and cleanliness that you are content with. Do not try to fulfill the expectations of other people. If you continually apologize to guests for the way your house looks they will feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. They will also feel awkward if your home is picture perfect.

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