“Let’s go shopping!”  “There is a great sale!”  This is sweet music to most women’s ears.  Many women already juggle work and home schedules but do not be afraid to add economical shopping to your list of jobs.  Make it your mission to save money with every purchase and have gifts available in your home.  If you read about a sale, go to the store and check out the good deal they are advertising.

To maximize your dollar it is important to be a prudent shopper.  Buy most items on sale.  Plan and buy ahead of time so you do not have to emergency shop.  You will spend more money if you are under a time constraint to purchase an item.  For example, if you have a week’s notice about a birthday party do not shop the night before or the day of the event.

You can use any of several approaches to buying gifts;

  • Buy a specific gift for a specific person.
  • Buy gifts that are inexpensive and store them.  The best time to purchase clothing is to buy off season.  Whenever you are in a store look through the sale items.  I have several shelves on which to keep gifts.  It is my own shopping center and everything is paid for.  Purchase items fifty to seventy-five percent off the regular price.  It is not only economical but fast and convenient.

Keep an abundant supply of products such as wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and tissue.  These items are enjoyed briefly, opened and thrown away.  For this reason it is important to get these paper items cheaply. Organize these items in separate containers.  Create a small container for scissors, tape, small notebook and a pen.  Keep all of these wrapping supplies in the same location so you will be able to wrap a gift quickly and not be hunting for materials.  Your goal is to save money and be efficient.

“Be prepared, shop ahead!”


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