Write a List of Realistic Organizational Goals

Set goals!  Successful people set goals and work towards accomplishing their goals.  There are different types of goals;  long-term goals, short-term goals, personal goals, work goals, constant goals, and temporary goals.

Write a list of your goals.  Research shows that people who write down their goals are more likely to reach them.  If you have difficulty getting organized each day, take a few minutes the night before to write a list of what you hope to accomplish the next day.  Visualize in your mind the start of the next day.  This will help you to be ready.  Check things off as you complete them.  This will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated.

Everyone has different goals.  It is important when setting goals to measure them against your standards and expectations, not other people’s.  Some people need a working surface totally clear of clutter before they can prepare dinner or pay bills.  Others function just fine with piles of papers pushed to the side.  I work best with the surface totally clear. Therefore my goal would be different from those who function fine with clutter around them.

Your goals need to be realistic.  Think about what bothers you the most.  Are you always late to appointments, meetings, or other engagements?  Are you frustrated because you constantly misplace items?  Does your kitchen floor always seem to be dirty?  If these things bother you, set realistic goals based on problem areas in your life.

Work patiently and slowly towards reaching your organizational goals.  You were not born organized so you must train yourself in this area.  Crash diets and cramming for exams are not very successful.  Master one goal before moving on to the next.


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