Creating a Workable Plan to Tackle the Laundry in your House

Keeping up with laundry is a dilemma for most people.  If you have a house full of active people, you may need to do several loads of  laundry each day. Empty laundry baskets seem to fill up again in just a few hours.  If you let a day go by without doing a load of laundry you could be dealing with a mountain of dirty clothes instead of a small pile.

In the kitchen, I treat one dirty dish as if it were 25 dishes.  This mindset helps me to keep dishes from piling up.  In the laundry room, I try to apply this same principle. It is important to diligently attack the laundry so that it doesn’t bury you.

Tackling the laundry efficiently and quickly:

Laundry is a task that can be done in between other projects or at the same time as another activity.  For example;  it is possible to wash a load while getting ready in the morning.  You can fold laundry while talking on the phone or watching the news.

Purchase a divided laundry basket.  I like the one that is divided into three sections so clothes can be separated into colors; dark, medium and light.  The family must be trained to put the clothes in the appropriate section.  Use a separate basket for hand washables and dry cleaning.

Let each member of the household put away their own clothes.  You can fold the clean clothes and put them on each person’s bed.  This will teach your children to be responsible and equip them with valuable skills later in life.

If you have a regularly scheduled cleaning day, attempt to have the laundry basket empty the night before.  This will make it easier to wash bed and bath linens the following morning.


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