Piles of Papers Create Lots of Clutter in our House

We live in a society that requires papers for everything.  The very technology that was supposed to reduce the need for paper, like computers and fax machines, ends up producing paper. Hundreds of sheets of paper flood our homes every week; mail, magazines, newspapers, children’s school work, career related materials, bills, receipts, cards, invitations, and coupons.  Where do we put all these papers?  Many people stack them on the counter, in boxes, in baskets or on the floor.  If this is your method you may be frustrated when you need to locate a specific correspondence.  Retrieving a specific piece of paper could be an awesome task.

I suggest using a system I call ‘look at, act upon!’  We tend to look at a piece of paper but then it remains on the table or counter until it is eventually pushed aside, ending up in a stack of papers.  To avoid this dilemma you need to immediately ‘act upon’ each paper that passes through your hands.  It is faster to tackle one piece of paper than to go through a stack of fifty.  Create a paper system in which every paper that enters you house has a place to go.



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