Entertainment Ideas that are Affortable on any Budget

 Inexpensive Entertainment Ideas

Fine Arts:

  • ·Visit the museums in your area.
  • ·Some operas offer discounted or free seats.
  • ·During the warmer months, look for free concerts in the park.
  • ·Performances of church or high school choirs are usually free.
  • ·View educational television shows on the arts.
  • ·Rent a movie.  Wait for the one dollar rental instead of paying for a new release.
  • ·Plays performed at high schools or colleges are inexpensive yet often are more entertaining than the professional versions.

Physical Activities:

  •  Hike on trails or strike your own path through the woods.  
  •  Sign up for a volleyball, softball, basketball, or soccer league.  If there is not a team in you area, help organize one.
  • Use coupons for sports that cost money such as golf, skiing, bowling, miniature golf, amusement parks, etc. 

Social Activities:

  • Look for ‘buy one – get one free’  restaurant coupons.
  • Arrange for a game night with friends and ask everyone to bring a snack to share.
  •  Plan a potluck dinner where each guests brings food to share.
  •  Join a church or club.  Many of the planned activities would be free.
  • Volunteer in an area of your interest.  Besides meeting new people, you will get to do something you like for free.
  • Join a ‘game’ group that meets on a regularly to play bridge, bunco, or pinochle.

Intellectual Activities:

  •  Check the library for chess clubs or literary societies.
  •  Read a book on a park bench.
  •  Attend free lectures at churches and universities.
  •  Enjoy a poetry reading at a coffee house.  Better yet, bring something to contribute.

“The best entertainment is spending time with the people you love, not spending a lot of money!”


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