Planning Fun Family Activities that are Affordable

It will take creative planning to minimize the amount of money you spend on entertainment.  A substantial portion of money is spent on pleasure in today’s society.  Even in two income families it can be difficult to maintain a high standard of living.  A movie and dinner for two put extra pressure on the family budget.

First, decide what activities you enjoy doing.  Consider trying something new, especially if what you like is expensive.  People are reluctant to try new things, yet many times when we make changes we are pleasantly surprised at the results. .

Decide how much money you will spend on entertainment.  On pay day, put the money in an envelope labeled ‘entertainment.’  Use two separate envelopes; one for the family and one for you and your spouse.  Choose a variety of activities or focus on a specific area.  Favorite activities may fall into one of the following categories; fine arts, sporting events, physical activities, social activities, intellectual activities.  Some people prefer indoor activities while others enjoy spending time outdoors.  You may have to compromise to accommodate the needs of everyone in the household.

After identifying your areas of interest, spend time scouting for coupons and free admissions.  Look for coupons in the mail or your local newspaper.  The radio announces events and discounts.  Inquire at your local City Hall or Chamber of Commerce for upcoming events in your area.  Purchasing a membership or season pass to popular local attractions is worth while if you plan on attending the activity numerous times.  Many cultural, educational, and entertainment venues offer free or discounted admissions on  specific days.  Others are always free but require reservations.  Investigate the possibilities!  If you plan ahead, you should rarely have to pay full price for any activity.


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