A Plan for your Children during the Summer Months

Let’s start with a plan for the summer months, although the same activities could also work if your child were off for a week or a day.  Depending on the ages of your children you may want to discuss the plans with him.  Activities you plan could be work related such as sweeping the porch, or the activity could be pleasurable such as a picnic in the park.  It is good to have a mixture of both because we need to relax and work.

You may simply decide to have a spontaneous summer.  As you wake up each morning you decide what you feel like doing for the day.  You may choose to go on a picnic, go swimming, or visit the zoo.  Another option is to plan several activities in a week and let the remaining days be flexible.  For those of you who need to focus on an organized plan you will want to schedule activities for each day.  A typical plan could be:

  • Monday:  Work day at home.  This could be cleaning the house, washing the car, cleaning out the garage, spring cleaning type projects, or yard work.   You may choose to let your child earn money for souvenirs to buy on your field trips later in the week..
  •  Tuesday:  Swim, dance, or tennis lessons.  Read a book.
  •   Wednesday:  Field trip somewhere in the city.
  •   Thursday:  Training day.  Cooking lessons or educational instruction on any subject.
  •    Friday:  Sleep in  late.  Fix a big breakfast and watch cartoons or old movies in pj.  Go swimming in the afternoon at your city or subdivision pool.

Make sure you keep an open mind and a flexible schedule.  It could rain on the day you plan to go to the zoo.  Be prepared to implement plan B when plan A fails. 


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