Layout a Blueprint so your Kitchen will be Efficient

Many times, your kitchen does not “fit” the way you work in it. Your goal is to arrange your cooking tools to be time efficient for your cooking tasks. How can you do this?

  • Discord any preconceived notions.  For example, just because a pantry is called a pantry, does not mean you cannot store your big pots and pans there.  Or, just because the dish detergent is traditionally kept under the sink does not mean that you have to keep it under the sink. 
  • Think about what you do in the kitchen. Do you cook big meals? Do you mostly microwave? What kitchen tools do you use every day?
  • Ask yourself if the tools you use most often are placed conveniently.  If not, can you move them to a more convenient location.  Do the placement of items make sense?  Fro example, are the coffee and sugar near the coffee maker?
  •  Put like items together based on how you work in the kitchen.  For example, if you like to bake, make a baking kit by placing baking ingredients in a sturdy container.
  • Look through every drawer, cabinet, and closet in your kitchen.  Do you use all the tools routinely?  Are there some items that you never use?  Donate items you never use.  Put the less frequently used tools in a container somewhere less convenient such as on a shelf in your basement storage area.  This will free up your useable space making it easier to access things you need.   


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