Take Time When you Organize Your House


Take your time when you tackle organizing your house. Organizing is like any other big project. It always takes longer than you think it will. You will need time to learn a new way of keeping your things. If you celebrate your small successes along the way you won’t get discouraged.

Teach your family that you are working to have the whole house as organized as the silverware drawer. If they help you by putting things back where they belong, you will have more free time to spend with them. The reward for putting things away is more time for family fun!

You can use the same steps whether you want to organize a closet, a garage, or your hobbies.

  •    Throw away the trash.
  •    Start small and go slowly.
  •    Sort items and give away what you no longer want.
  •    Arrange like items together.
  •    Keep the area organized and leave room for growth.
  •    Celebrate and have fun with your family!

  “House organization is a team effort but you must begin the game!”


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