Follow Simple Steps to go from Messy House to Clean House

It can be overwhelming to begin organizing. I break my organizing projects down so that I feel like I am making progress and can manage the project more efficiently. It is better to have success with one small organizing effort and maintain it than to sweep through the whole house and have it return to a mess in a week.

First, find the trash and throw it away. You will be amazed at how much this helps. This is also a good lesson to teach your children. When papers are no longer needed, when something is broken and not repairable, when there is no “use” left in an item like a worn out pillow – throw them away.  The ‘pack rat syndrome’ creates unnecessary clutter.

Second, start in the part of the house where you will feel the best when it is organized. This may be the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, home office, or the family room. Since all family members use the kitchen you may want to organize it first. 

As you go through the room toss, sort, and put like items together. Here you may start with a drawer or the counter top. Once the trash is gone, sort out the remaining items. Keep what you use and give the remainder to charity or put in a garage sale box. Separate the counter top or drawer with containers or dividers. Put like items together. Let your family know about your organizing project. 

Continue through the room. You may want to plan on spending an hour every day or several hours one evening. It is most important to maintain what you have organized. If it is hard to maintain the order, you may need to get another container, store items somewhere else, or remove items from the space because it is overcrowded.




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