More Tips on How to be Thrifty and Happy

  • Take a list with you each time you shop.  This includes shopping for groceries, clothes, gifts, and even furniture.  Before you make a large purchase go home and think about it for a day or two.  Do not be influenced by high-pressure salespeople.
  • Do the things you really enjoy for less money.  If you enjoy lunch with friends choose a less expensive restaurant.  When I go out with one of my friends we buy one lunch and split the food.  It is usually plenty of food and cost half as much.  Invite friends over for dessert and games instead of a full course meal.  Another option is potluck.  Then the burden is not on one person and you can still enjoy the company of others.
  • Save money on utilities.  Turn lights out, fix leaky faucets.
  • You do not need to spend money on DVD rental.  Exchange DVDs with friends or check out them out at the library for free.
  • Keep track each month of what you spend on fast food.  You can make your own fast food at home for less.  Buy snack items when they are on sale.
  •   Adopt the motto, “Save it today, so you can enjoy it tomorrow!”


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