How to be Thrifty and Happy by Spending your Money Wisely

Spend your money wisely and you will enjoy family activities and a comfortable life.  The first rule is to make sure the amount of money you earn is larger than the amount you spend.  Everyone’s budget will vary because of income, size of family, and household needs.  Happiness does not have a price tag attached.  There are many things you can do that are fun and free.

Thrifty Tips

  • Before you make a purchase ask yourself several questions.  Do I really need this?  Is there a place for this or will it create clutter?  Could I wait and get it on sale?  Could I borrow it from someone for a short period of time?  Could I get it used through the newspaper or a garage sale?  Could I buy an off-brand for less?  Is there a coupon for this item?  Can I function as well without it?
  • Each day find a way to save money.  Put the saved money in a jar to use for something you really want.  Instead of driving through a fast food restaurant for a soda take a glass of water from home with a slice of lemon.  It will leave your breath fresh, keep weight off, and save you time and money.
  • When you make a purchase be sure you paid the correct amount.  If it was on sale make sure you were charged the sale price.
  • Buy clothing that is washable.  Dry cleaning bills are expensive and should only be used for suits and coats when finances are tight.
  • Remove the temptation of spending on unnecessary items.  You will be tempted to spend money each time you visit the mall or flip through mail order catalogs at home.  Visit the mall infrequently and discard all the catalogs.
  • Patience is the best way to save money.  We live in a ‘now’ society.  This means we spend impulsively making unnecessary purchases.  How many times have you bought an outfit, worn it a few times and then push it to the back of the closet?

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