Too Many Receipts Can Extra Cause Paper Clutter

Paper clutter accumulates faster than dust bunnies! Your goal is to keep receipts for items you may need to return, major purchases, and purchases you charged. The important thing to remember is to set up a system that works for you and then work at it.

Receipts for items for you may need to return:  Keep these receipts in your billfold until you are sure you don’t have to return any of the items. This works well for clothing receipts and household items. Periodically go through your billfold and discard receipts you no longer need.  If you accumulate too many for your billfold then use an envelope labeled, ‘Return Receipts.’

Receipts for items rarely returned:  Keep receipts for things like groceries and dry cleaning for a short period of time.  You may need to return a grocery item or take back dry cleaning that was not properly cleaned.  You may then discard these receipts if you do not need them for tax purposes.  If you don’t know whether you should keep a receipt or not, ask yourself: why you would want to refer to it in the future?  If you want to save a receipt for a special event, put it with your mementos or scrap booking items.

Receipts for big purchases:   When you make a big purchase like a refrigerator, TV, or stereo you need to save the receipt for future warranty work. For a TV or stereo equipment you can place the receipt in an envelope and tape the envelope to either the owner’s manual or place it underneath the equipment. You can also make household files labeled Furniture, Kitchen, Electronics, Bikes, Cameras, etc. – and use these to hold the owner’s manuals and receipts.





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