A Plan to Buy and Organize your Wardrobe

It is important to keep your wardrobe simple.  Limit the amount of money you spend on trendy clothing items.  Buy basic solid colors such as jeans, black, navy blue, and tan for pants and shorts.  You can use the same pants and add different shirts to change the outfit.  Use accessories such as jewelry, scarves, and belts to change or accent an outfit.  A plain navy dress will dazzle when you add the right accessories.

You do not need to stock up on clothing for children because they outgrow items quickly.

You can limit the amount of clothing you have if you do laundry daily or several times a week.  When I was growing up my Mom did laundry once a week.  Monday was the day she washed towels, bed linens, and clothes.  If there are several people in your family you may feel overwhelmed if you washed clothes only one day a week.  Especially if your children are involved in sport activities.  One family member may go through several outfits a day.  If  you do laundry often you will not need your sock drawer stuffed with thirty pairs of socks.

It is important to organize your clothes so items are easy to find.  The items you use the most should be kept in the most accessible place.  You may rotate clothing around as seasons change.  You should also keep your closets and drawers at eighty-percent capacity.  If you stuff drawers and closets, things will get wrinkled and lost.  Each month remove an item from your wardrobe that you have not worn in a couple years.  Keep a donation box in your storage area so you will have a place for these items.

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