Organize Closets and Drawers with a Workable Plan

Here are some tips when you organize closets and drawers:

  • Arrange your dresses, blouses, shirts, slacks or suits together.  You can access a dress quickly with this system.  You do not have to hunt through all of    your clothes to find a specific dress.  You can just look through the section in your closet where the dresses hang.
  • Clip hair bows on a long ribbon and hang in the closet or on the wall as part of your child’s room decor.
  • Separate socks by color and style into plastic containers in the dresser drawers.  You can put white  socks in one basket and dark socks in another.  When you divide items, you conquer the messy problem.
  • Arrange clothes in separate drawers. Dressers with small drawers are great because they are easier to maintain.  If your dresser has large drawers, add small plastic containers to separate items.
  • Neatly fold everything in the drawers and put ‘like’ items together. You open drawers daily to get clothing items out or to put clean clothes back.  Use this time to maintain order by straightening anything out of place.  It takes less time to maintain than reorganize the entire drawer.  The drawer should close easily without clothes getting stuck.  If the drawer does not close, it is time to reorganize.
  • Purchase containers with several dividers for small items such as barrettes, watches, and jewelry. If the container gets full, sort and remove those items you no longer use.

Your children can even help you to neatly organize their closet and drawers.  If they know everything has a place and where each item belongs they will be able to maintain order in their room.

 “Keep your closets and drawers partly empty to separate clothing and keep them neat!”


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