Too Many Clothes Crammed in Closets and Drawers

Clothes take up a lot of space and you may tend to accumulate clothes quicker than you get rid of them.  You probably have clothing items that do not fit or that you rarely wear.  Often, you keep these clothes ‘just in case’ you can wear them again.  These extra clothing items end up stuffed in drawers and crammed into closets along with the clothes you wear.  It is difficult to find the outfit you want to wear if you have to dig through an overfull closet or drawer.

The best way to get more space for your clothes is to create a clothing storage system.  In your system you need to make your accommodations fit your needs.  Periodically evaluate your system. Your system should include ways to do the following:

  • Keep closets and dressers from becoming overcrowded
  • Put like clothing articles together
  • Containerize when needed

To keep closets and dressers from becoming over-crowded:

  • Sort through each article of clothing and make a decision to keep or remove it from your closet or drawer.  If there are items you have not worn in a long time but are not ready to part with, put the clothing in a box and store it in the basement.  You can make a decision on the item at a later time.  Meanwhile it does not take up valuable space. Donate the other articles to charity or other family members.
  • Hang your clothes in the closet so they are barely touching. When clothes are bunched together in a closet, they wrinkle.
  • Store shoes in a container or on the shelf in the closet. You can store off season shoes in their original box or plastic shoe container on the floor or a high closet shelf.
  • Allow for extra space in each drawer and closet.  It will be easier to access items and there will be room for additional items.
  • You can rotate seasonal clothes from bedroom closets to a basement closet or less accessible storage area.


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