Remove Items from your House and Deal with Clutter Immediately

Remove items from your house at the same rate they enter your house unless you have an abundance of space.  You usually accumulate things faster than you purge.  If you buy a new outfit take an outfit out of your closet.  If your closet is really full remove two outfits.  If your closet is empty, have fun shopping.  There are many gift items that come into your house during the holiday season and you may end up leaving them on the bed, floor, counter, or any other available space.  These items do not have a home.  Create a solution by giving each of your children, husband, and yourself a box and a container.  Put keepsake items in the container and label it ‘Memorabilia’ with the person’s name.  Instruct everyone to use the box for items they do not want such as clothes that do not fit or items they do not like.  It helps to create space ahead of time for all the new items instead of waiting until you have clutter piles.  Apply this same purging system before a family member has a birthday.

Avoid clutter accumulation by dealing with things immediately.  When you arrive home immediately empty your car and put things away.  If you work on a house project clean up the mess immediately upon completion.  Do not be tempted to put one dish in the sink, instead rinse the dish and put it in the dishwasher.  Sort through and act on the mail when you bring it into the house so it does not become a huge paper stack several days later.  Establish a home for the mail by using a workable file system for business and personal information.  The wastebasket works well for junk mail.

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