The Best Way to Conquer the Clutter Giant is Find a Home

You can win the war by conquering the clutter giant.  Establish a few household rules and adhere to them.  Every item in your house needs a home.  Walk through your house and see if every item has a home.  Take for example your dresser.  You may have decorations such as a picture frame, a candle, and a knick-knack displayed.  This would be the home for these decorative items, however if you put a glass of water on the dresser this would not be the home for the glass.

Find a home for every new item that you bring into your house.  When  you shop establish in your mind where an item will live before you make the purchase.  When you arrive home you can quickly put the item away because you already know where it will live.  You will need a home for temporary items such as  your rotating shelf in a closet or mudroom.

Make sure every item returns to it’s proper home when it is not being used. Everyone in the household needs to know where each item lives.  If you reorganized an area make sure your family knows your system and where household items live.

You may find many homeless items as you tour your house.  These are the items that clutter your house.  If you cannot find a permanent home for these things donate them to a charitable organization.

“Give a home to the homeless items in your house!”


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