Baking can be one of the most Special parts of Holiday Preparations

Besides the shopping, addressing cards, decorating, and entertaining, we want to fill our home with the smell of baking cookies.  Baking is usually one of our final preparations.  We could always purchase pre-packaged goodies,  but those are no real substitues for homemade treats.  Yet women are busy with careers, meetings and shuffling children from one activity to another, and things get even worse during the holidays.  We do not have the luxury our grandmothers had of baking for several weeks before the holidays.  But with careful time managment and the use of some  organization techniques, it is still within our grasp to create some of this holiday magic.

Minimize the kitchen mess by cleaning up as you work.  Divide your kitchen into stations.  Set up an area for mixing, putting cookies on baking sheets, removing from baking sheet and putting into storage containers.  If you have more
cookies than cooling racks, use an old tablecloth for cooling.  To save time and minimize the mess on baking day, you may want to mix the batter the day before.  You can spend one session mixing and another session baking.

Good Cookie Tips 

  • Never over bake.  Remove cookies from the oven a minute or two before you have been instructed to.
  • Store cookies in air tight containers.  Make sure cookies are completely cool before you put them in
    containers.  To insure freshness, avoid opening the container often.  Keep a separate container for your family’s use and fill it with their favorites.
  • Make small cookies.  Your cookie supply will last longer.  People tend to count the number of cookies they eat, giving little thought to the size.
  •  You should add a few new types of cookies to your repertory each year, but always include the basics that you know everyone will enjoy.
  • Make enough different kinds of cookies that a cookie tray would look festive and inviting.  Use candy sprinkles and food coloring for some of your cookies to add color to your display.
  • Finally, bake more cookies than your family can eat.  Purchase or collect tins of different sizes to fill with baked cookies to give to neighbors and friends.  A baked gift often expresses appreciation far better than a more expensive purchased gift.

“Mix, bake and indulge!”

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