How to Create a Successful Honey Do List

Your home will always need repairs and improvement.  If you own your home you are totally responsible for the up keep.  This can be an awesome task and may stretch you beyond your areas of expertise.  You have the option to do the work yourself, ask your spouse, or hire an third party to tackle the project.  Although you may be able to repair some things yourself, you may inevitably need to prepare a “honey do list” for your spouse.  A “honey do list” can be verbal or written.  Simply presenting it like the check at the end of a meal may not be the most tactful or productive approach.  Be creative when you present your list.  Perhaps you could write out each project on a separate piece of paper and place the slips into a jar to be chosen randomly when your spouse has some time.  Or you could write the list on a piece of paper and present it with a card of appreciation.  You may also consider combining all your tasks with his on a single list, calling it “Our list.”  Then you can divide and conquer the projects together, and he will realize that you not simply standing idly by.  Your goal is to fix things; not become the neighborhood nag.

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