Cook with Ease in your Efficient Kitchen

The kitchen is a room in which most of us spend a large amount of time.  We constantly stock our kitchens with food, dishes, serving plates, utensils, pots, pans, and baking dishes.  We must organize these items using a workable system.  Meals are  planned and food is prepared in the kitchen.  Numerous hours are spent cleaning-up after meals and snacks.  Finally, the kitchen is always a primary battleground for basic clutter control and maintenance cleaning.

It is unrealistic to think that when you have loaded the last dish in the dishwasher from the evening meal that your kitchen  duties are complete for the day.  How many times have you prepared a meal, washed the dishes or loaded the dishwasher, shined the sink, and wiped the counter only to return a couple hours later only to find the remains of an ice cream/popcorn party?  You must then play the role of detective and judge.  Who did it?  The guilty person needs to clean up their mess.  But remember, they can not load the dishwasher if it is filled with clean dishes.

Make sure the dishwasher is emptied immediately when the washing cycle is complete.  This will prevent new dirty dishes from piling in the sink.  You do not need to be the official ‘empty the dishwasher person.’  Enlist the help of other family members.  Ask for their help as needed or prepare a dishwasher schedule.


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