Establishing Family Traditions takes Planning

Establishing family traditions takes planning.  As a homemaker we are responsible for organizing a home and planning activities for the family.  Homemakers run several businesses at once; taxi service, chef, activity coordinator, financial advisor, cleaning service, nurse, and more.  We are responsible for the emotional security of several lives. Establishing traditions is a valuable tool to help the family remain a healthy, connected group.  Traditions have become an ideal instead of a reality in today’s busy society.  Activities pull us in separate directions while careers separate families geographically.  It takes perseverance to establish and maintain family traditions.

A tradition is any activity that is periodically repeated, generally enjoyed, and eagerly anticipated.  The annual family reunion is a great tradition, providing the opportunity to socialize with distant relatives and share the activities of your lives.  You can observe from year to year how the children grow and change.  You can keep up on the latest family news.  It also provides an
opportunity  to plan additional activities during the year.


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