Maintaining Control of your Closet with an Organization System

It is important to gain control in your bedroom closet because it is an area you visit daily.  A cluttered area can negatively affect your emotional state.  An organized area will make you feel good and self-confident.  Trying to find something to wear is a challenge of it’s own.  It will relieve stress if you can walk in an organized closet.  Step one is to remove anything from your closet that does not belong.  If you have a large closet you may use your closet for a storage area for other items such as crafts, art supplies, toys, books, and magazines.  If this is not the place for these items,then they will need a home somewhere else in your house.  Step two is to remove clothing that does not fit, is outdated, or worn out.  Now you are ready to set up a closet organization system.  You may choose to seek the advice of an expert or tackle the project yourself.  Lidded containers and hanging shelve will help you get organized.

Hanging Shoe and Sweater Shelves  

  • Divided compartments make it easy to see everything and access items without having to refold.
  • The hanging organizer takes up very little hanging space in your closet.
  • Store hats, gloves, scarves, and purses in compartments.
  • Place in a child’s closet and use compartments to store toys.
  • Use to make linen or towel storage easier.
  • Store t-shirts, sweaters, sweat suits, and jeans.
  • Store art supplies, crafts, and sewing projects.
  • Use for shoe storage.

 Lidded Containers

  • These containers stack so you can put them on top of each other.
  • Store items you do not need to access daily.
  • Store off season clothing

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