Organization Skills is a Life-time Education

If you have not traveled very far on the organization road you will need to change some habits and budget your time very carefully.  Apply the tips below and your journey will be less stressful and more organized.

  •  Schedule a daily paper time to sort and file.  This includes bills, kid’s papers, notes, newsletters, magazines, etc.
  • Do things ahead of time.  Lay out clothes and start lunches the nightbefore.  Buy gifts ahead of time.  Make sure you have all the supplies you need before you begin a project.
  • Do not overbook yourself with volunteer work.
  • Keep a list of things you need to maintain on a routine basis.  For example;  Your car needs oil changes, and belt and filter replacements.  Your teeth need cleaning and your body needs a yearly check-up.  Your pets need shots and visits to the veterinarian.  Your furnace needs new filters.
  • Find a place for every item in your house and make sure when an item is not being used it is returned to it’s home.
  • Open every drawer, cabinet, and closet.  Remove and donate items you never use.
  • Schedule regular time each week to devote to organization.
  •  Above all wear a smile and strive for a happy home.


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