Develop an Organization Plan that is Successful

We all travel the imaginary road to organization. Everything you do involves organization and time management.  When you get up tomorrow you will have to decide what you will wear, where you will go, and when you will leave. Everyone is at a different location on this organization road.  You will always find someone more organized and you will always find someone less organized than yourself. There is no beginning or end to this road; it is a continual journey.  As you travel this road it is important to educate yourself in the area or organization.  This will equip you to deal with your endless ‘To do list!’

  • Establish routines for all household tasks such as laundry, yard work, housecleaning, and grocery shopping.
  • Make a list of things you need to do.  Compile a daily, weekly, and monthly list.  Using a written list will help you stay focused, and motivate you to continue as you check completed items off the list.
  • Discipline yourself to stay focused and complete each task.
  • Delegate tasks to other family members.  Do not try to do everything yourself.  Teach your family to pick-up their own messes and to help you with additional chores.
  • Control the amount of time you spend on the Internet, telephone, or in front of the television.  Time spent in these areas will consume your time at a rapid pace.
  • Use a timer to control your time and stay on task.
  • Use a calendar to write down appointments, social activities, and meetings.  Do a daily calendar check to make sure you do to not forget these important engagements.


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