Less Clutter in HighTraffic Areas

The high traffic areas in a house are the hardest areas to maintain.  First, you need to set up a system that includes finding a place for everything.  Secondly, you need to teach your family how to use your system.  Create a verbal and written list of your  expectations.

Counter Clutter/Kitchen Clutter:

Determine what items are left on the counter and in the kitchen.  Make sure there is an accessible home for each of these items and each person should know where the home is located.  School backpacks should have a home on a hook in the garage, mudroom, or in the child’s bedroom depending on the layout of your house.   Make sure you have a drawer in the kitchen for children’s daily papers.  Set up a file system for school notes and information you will need at a later date.  Mail should be sorted and acted on immediately.  You will need a bill box, a basket for reading materials, a coupon holder, and a specific home for each piece of mail.  Place items that need to be returned or given to someone else in a container on a shelf by the door.

Bathroom Clutter:

Bathroom counters become cluttered very quickly.  You use the bathroom to get ready each day.  Therefore items such as the hairbrush, comb, curling iron, hair spray, and toothpaste decorate your counter each day. Everything needs a place.  Use a  basket on the counter to keep items that typically are left out.  Items used less frequently should be stored in the cabinet under the sink contained in a basket.

Garage Clutter:

The garage is an area you visit regularly.  Imagine how refreshing it would be to walk through your organized garage to your car each day.  Start by purging items you do not need.  Some items can be donated and others will need to be thrown away.  Remove as many items from the floor as possible and hang them from hooks on the wall.  Attach shelves to the wall or purchase floor shelves and organize like items together. Put all the gardening tools and supplies in a basket and place on the shelf.   Put sporting equipment together.  Organize all the tools in the same area.

Laundry Room Clutter:

This area piles up quickly.  Use a three-compartment laundry hamper.  Teach your family how to separate their own clothing into the correct compartment.  The three compartments should be labeled whites, darks, & mediums.  You will save time sorting if everything is pre-sorted.  Do laundry daily so it does not accumulate and spill out of the laundry hamper onto the floor.  Fold laundry immediately from the dryer and put the clothing away.  Piles of unfolded laundry in laundry baskets or stacked on the dryer creates unnecessary laundry room clutter.

Create a place for all items that enter your house and live in your house.  Make sure items are in their place when they are not being used.

 “A place for everything and everything in its place!”

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