The Perfect Solution to Organize the Junk Drawer

It is human nature to fill all space and time.  Most people have one or more areas in which to dump items with which they do not know what to do.  You may refer to this area as your ‘junk drawer.’  A ‘junk drawer’ could be any of the following areas in your house; a drawer, a closet, a cabinet, a shelf, floor area, a basket, or a box.  Your house could easily be filled with many ‘junk drawers.’  You may be able to locate some items in these areas, but most become forgotten castaways.  They are not used for anything but to create clutter in your house.  These accumulations devour your time by requiring you spend hours sorting through piles of junk.  Dealing with our ‘junk drawers’ creates stress and frustration.  There are three questions we need to address.

1.  What is a ‘junk space?’  

  • A place in which items are dropped and left simply because we know not what to do with them.

2. How are ‘junk spaces’ created and what items usually fill them?

  •  They are created with items that do not have a designated ‘home’ in your house.
  • They flourish and multiply during busy times, when we face deadlines, and in times of physical or emotional exhaustion.
  • When we need a place to keep little pieces such as rubber bands, paper clips, a broken piece of a toy, unidentified key, a game piece, and batteries.

3. How do we avoid ‘junk spaces?’ 

  • Purge your stuff regularly.
  • Find a home for items immediately.
  • Do not let items accumulate.
  • Keep all areas at eighty percent capacity or less.
  • Train your family to take responsibility for their own belongings.
  • Resist the urge to fill all space.

Use containers to organize your junk spaces.   A ‘Junk Drawer Organizer’  with compartments that are adjustable is the perfect solution to help you organize the ‘stuff’ in your drawer.   You and your family will be able to locate the item you need quickly.

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