Eight Ways to Conquer the Clutterbug Queen

Clutter is a common problem in most households.  You are not alone in your struggle with clutter.  Clutter accumulates in a house for several reasons. First, there are a lot of things available to buy therefore there is a lot of stuff to organize in your house.  Secondly, it takes time and discipline to put things back where they belong.  Too much stuff and lack of time and discipline are the number one enemies that cause clutter.

Everyone must deal with clutter in his or her life, even the ‘organized person.’  The minute you walk out to the mailbox and bring in the mail, your have the beginning of clutter.  You can prevent clutter accumulation by dealing with the mail immediately and finding a home for all pieces of paper.  The mail only becomes a major problem when you do not act on it and allow it to stack on the counter.  Most people avoid dealing with mountains of mail therefore the stack continues to grow.  The bigger the stack the less likely you are to deal with it.  The secret to maintaining organization is to do it now and not procrastinate.  You can be queen of an organized castle instead of a clutterbug queen.

Conquering the Clutter Giant

  1. Schedule time each day to deal with clutter.
  2. Find a place for every item in your house.
  3. Enlist the help of your family and do not try to do everything yourself.
  4. Go through every room, closet, cabinet, and drawer.  Remove items you do not want or need.  Donate these items to a charity.  You will have a generous tax deduction and less clutter.
  5. Avoid the “packrat syndrome”.
  6. Be patient with yourself.  The city of Rome was not build in a day and a cluttered house will not be clean in a day.
  7. Give yourself a daily pep talk.
  8. Create empty shelf and drawer space so there is room for future growth.  Drawers and closet doors should close easily without items being crammed into limited space.

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