Helpful Tips to Get Your House Ready for Guests

Getting your house ready for guests may feel like an impossible task.  Keep in mind your guests are coming for a visit, not to judge your housekeeping skills.  You are not conducting a tour through your entire house.  Guests may only visit a few rooms.  You do not need to worry about establishing order in the garage, laundry room, basement storage areas, bedrooms, closets, drawers, and cabinets (if you have overnight guests you may need to organize a bedroom and closet).  Do not allow your lack of organization skills to keep you from extending hospitality.  I have listed some tips to help you get ready for guests.

 Helpful Tips:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Shut doors to areas that are messy.
  • Walk through your house with a laundry basket and pick-up clutter.  Carry the filled basket around your house putting individual items back where they belong.  Using the laundry basket will save you time by eliminating back and forth trips to get things.
  • Straighten stacks of papers, books, and magazines.  Messy stacks look cluttered.
  • Use the ‘hide and seek’ system for loose unorganized papers.  Put these items in a basket or drawer to deal with later.
  • Dust the most obvious areas.  You can do a thorough dusting at a later time.
  • Use an air freshener or scented candle to give a ‘welcome’ aroma.
  • Shake throw rugs by doors.  Vacuum areas where guest will be sitting.  Spot mop kitchen and bathroom floors.
  • Clean bathroom sinks, toilets, and mirrors.  Hang clean hand towels and light a scented candle.
  • The kitchen is a gathering place; therefore your guests will probably spend a large amount of time in this area.  Make it shine.  Wipe down appliances and counter tops.  Clear counters of clutter and add a vase of fresh flowers.




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