Use Lots of Baskets, Caddies and Containers for you Stuff

If you contain your household items in containers, you will have a permanent solution to organization instead of a temporary solution.  How many times have you organized the pantry only to organize it again a few weeks later?  You have not organized it, you have only made it neat.  Using baskets, caddies, and containers can provide permanent organizational solutions.

Divided Caddies:  Caddies come in different sizes and have many uses.  You can store cleaning supplies such as a window cleaner, a bathroom cleaner, and a dust cloth.  They can be used for craft items to store supplies for your specific hobby.
Caddies are a good container for children’s art supplies such as glue, markers, and crayons.  They can use the handle to carry the caddy to a nearby table. Keep scissors, tape, a pen, a pencil, postage stamps, return address labels, blank envelopes, and a calculator in a caddy.  You will have a ‘walking home office’ to pay bills, write correspondence, or wrap a gift.

Buckets:  Other than using your bucket to clean you can use a bucket to store rags, dusters, and bottles of cleaning supplies.  Small buckets can be used as a water dish for pets.  The handle on the bucket makes it easier to refill.  Use a bucket to pull
unwanted weeds from your flower garden. Paper bags blow over in the wind and large garbage cans are cumbersome
to move around.  You can carry the bucket from one area to the next and dump the weeds into a larger container.

Small Baskets:  Use small baskets in cabinets, drawers, and the pantry.  Place a small basket in the middle of your sock drawer to divide socks by color.  Put white socks on the left side of the basket, dark socks in the basket, and other colors on the right side.  Your socks will stay organized and you will be able to quickly find the color you need.  Use a basket in your kitchen to put lids for food storage containers.  You will be able to locate the lid quickly and they will stay neat in the cabinet.  Use baskets in the pantry for snack bags such as pretzels and chips.  You can use a slightly smaller basket for Jell-O boxes, kid’s individual snacks, and pasta bags.  Divide spices into baskets alphabetically or by categories.  Put baking spices in one basket and seasonings in another basket.

Large Plastic Baskets:  Use large baskets in closets to organize clothes, purses, belts, scarves, toys, and books.

Laundry Baskets:  Containers and baskets have more than one use.  A laundry basket can be used for more than just sorting and folding laundry.  You can use it as a transportation container when you organize a closet and need to move items to another location. Also, use laundry baskets as a back-up area to store daily clothes.  Put one or two small square baskets in your closet to use for t-shirts, jeans, or sweat clothing.  This will take pressure off your dresser drawers and give you more space.  An area is more likely to stay organized if you only fill it eighty percent.

Lidded Containers:  Use lidded containers for items you do not need to access on a daily basis.  It is not time efficient to remove a lid.  Put items in a lidded container that you use less frequently and put an open basket on the top with items you use daily. You can stack lidded containers.

Underbed Containers with Wheels:  This is a great back-up area to take pressure off stuffed closets and drawers.
Use the underbed for bed linens you need in that room.  This is also a good place for off-season clothing, extra clothing that does not fit in your closet,  shoes, books, and magazines.

Small Drawer Containers:  Use these containers to organize and divide small items in drawers.  Instead of having loose items such as pencils, paper clips, and rubberbands, containerize them.  Use these containers in your bathroom for toothbrushes, combs, nail supplies, etc.  If items have a specific home in a container they are more likely to return to their home.

It is easier to clean an area with items contained in baskets.  Just lift one basket instead of several individual items.  If you would like more information on organizing with containers, please contact me at my e-mail address below.

“Train to contain, contain to maintain!”


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