Remove Clutter from you House in Seven Days

Dealing with house clutter is a daily battle.    Do not try to tackle clutter clean-up in one day.  A crash plan is temporary.  Within a day your piles will begin to grow again.  You need a workable plan that brings a permanent solution to organization instead of a temporary solution.  Do not look at the big picture or you will feel overwhelmed and paralysis will set in.  Divide this large task into smaller tasks by tackling one room at a time.  As you organize other rooms you will need to maintain order in the completed rooms.  First you should tackle the areas that will be the easiest for you to maintain.  Your children’s rooms should be the last place you organize because they will need help maintaining the systems you create.

Day 1:  Today is the preparation day.  You will need to get several cardboard boxes, several laundry baskets, baskets in several sizes, lidded containers, and a trash bag.  The cardboard boxes are for give-away items.  The laundry baskets
will be used as transportation containers to take things from one area of your house to another.  The baskets and lidded
containers will be used to organize items in each room.  Finally the trash bag is for items you will discard.  You will need these supplies for each room you organize.  Each time you pick up an item you must make an immediate decision on where it should go.  The item will be put in the trash, given away, taken to another room, or put away in the present room.  Each item must have a home and be taken to it’s home.  You may need to reorganize and remove items from the closet, drawers, and cabinets in order to establish a home for each item.  For the next several days you will proceed with the same plan for each room.

Day 2:  Your bedroom

Day 3:  Living room and dining room

Day 4:  Family room

Day 5:  Kitchen

Day 6:  Bathrooms

Day 7:  Children’s rooms

Basement storage areas and garages can not be included in this seven-day plan.  These areas will require more time because they usually serve as your dumping zone.  You will probably need additional boxes for charity items when you tackle these areas.

Cleaning up clutter in each room of your house may take several hours or an entire day.  It is important to immediately establish a maintenance plan so your house will look nice for you and any unexpected guests.  Prevention and maintenance will be the key to your success in the area of organization and time management.  After the seven-day
organization plan you need a prevention plan.

Five Prevention Tips for a Clutter-free House

  1. Find a home for every item that enters your house.
  2. Make sure every item returns to it’s home when it is not being used.  Make sure everyone in the household knows where the home is.
  3. Before you buy something think about where it will live.  Put it away as soon as you get home.
  4. Remove items from your house at the same rate they enter your house unless you have an abundance of space.  If you buy a new outfit take an outfit out of your closet.  If your closet is really full remove two outfits.
  5. Avoid clutter accumulation by dealing with things immediately.

When the week is complete pamper yourself to a manicure or lunch with a friend.

 “1,2,3,4,5,6,7, sweep your clutter away!”

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