Finding a Solution for Home Overload that Causes Stress

We feel stress when things seem to be out of control, when we don’t have enough time to complete tasks.  Although we lead very busy lives it is not being busy that causes stress but working under crisis conditions.  A constant sense of urgency will wear us down. The solution is to restore order in our lives.  We can begin this process by implementing a few rules:

  • Plan ahead!  Make written plans that are both short-term and long-term.
  • Time out!  Take time to relax and do something you really enjoy.
  • Delete unnecessary activities or tasks from your life.
  • Become more efficient with the time you have.
  • Exercise!  Your body is the best indicator of your stress load.  If you donot like to exercise, combine it with a social event such as group volleyball.
  • Practice healthy eating habits.  Plan nutritious meals and avoid fast foods.
  • Develop close friends with whom to share events in your life.

Focus on becoming more efficient with your time by evaluating how you spend your time currently.  Make three lists;  things I have to do, things I want to do, and other things I do.  Look at the items on your list and determine how productive they are.  Is there anything that can be removed from any list?  Introduce another perspective by sharing your lists with someone  else.  Listen to their suggestions.  They may see an activity on your ‘things I have to do’ that could be deleted, giving you the time you desperately need.



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