Tons of the Toys Enter your House at a Fast Rate than they Leave

Items such as toys enter into your home at a faster rate than they leave.  This creates house clutter.  There are several things you can do to organize the toys.

See if there are some toys your children have out grown.  Donate these to a charitable organization or a school.  You may choose to save some of these toys in a storage container for grandchildren or other small children that visit your home. Save traditional toys that have been around since you were a child such as Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys.  Some of the newer ‘flash in the pan’ toys are not worth saving.

There may be some toy items that your children never play with.  Go through these neglected toys and donate them to a charity. There may be another child who would appreciate and enjoy playing with these toys.

Try to limit the amount of toys your children have.  Too many toys are confusing and overwhelming.  If you limit the amount of toys your children have it will enable them to be creative and use imaginary play.

Make sure you have a variety of toys that will help your children’s mental and physical development.  Select toys that will help them develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills, language development, and cognitive learning.  To develop their gross motor skills you need toys that will use their large muscles such as bikes, balls,and jump ropes.  Fine motor skills are developed with children’s hands.  This includes coloring, painting, drawing, and building with small blocks.  You can develop their language skills by reading to them and telling stories. Finally, develop cognitive skills by playing educational games that challenge their reasoning skills.

Keep toys organized in container so all the pieces are together. If toys are in good condition, store them in the original container.  Another alternative is plastic containers. Toys such as blocks, cars, and doll clothes can be stored in baskets.  Put smaller pieces in lidded containers.  Toys such as Legos can be kept in individual zip-lock bags with the instructions.

Put some toys on a high shelf in a closet and others in your child’s bedroom or playroom. Periodically rotate toys from the closet into the play area.  Your children will think it is Christmas because they have something new instead of the same old toys they play with each day.

Make sure all the toys have a home.  The home could be a shelf, container, basket,or toy box.  Laundry baskets work great for bigger toys and stuffed toys.  One good place to store toys for toddlers is in a plastic toy box with wheels.  You can roll the toy box from room to room,depending on where you will be, so you can watch your toddler and not end up with toys all over the house.

You may feel stressed, but try to enjoy your children and spend time playing with them and their toys.  When our oldest daughter was four I spent many hours playing her favorite games.  Playing house was on the top of her list.  She had a wonderful imagination and enjoyed telling me exactly how to act and what to say.  At times I got bored and I would have preferred to read a good book or magazine, but I felt it was more important to spend time playing with her.  She is married now and no longer living in our home.  Those moments I spent with her are now cherished memories.

“Purge, contain, and rotate your children’s toys!”



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