Save Time by not Blocking your Household Paths

You only have twenty-four hours in a day, however there are things you can do to manage your time more efficiently in your house.  Make sure the areas you need to access daily or weekly are accessible.  Can you get to your washing machine without stepping over or around other items?  Can you quickly get to the items you daily use in your cabinet?  You may be blocking your paths and not realize what you are doing.

Walk into each room in your house and see if you have any furniture blocking doorways.  Next, see if furniture is blocking cabinets, windows, or other areas you need to access routinely.  You should not have to step around furniture to exit from one room to another.  If you have blocked your paths with furniture you may consider removing furniture from your room.

Keep your laundry room floor free of clothes and laundry supplies.  Install a shelving unit for detergent, bleach, fabric softener, etc.  Sort laundry by colors into laundry baskets.  Make sure you have easy access to the washer and dryer.  Create a clear path to fold laundry on top of the washer, the dryer, or a table.   

Encourage your children to keep their room free from clutter.  Provide them with a hamper for dirty clothes.  Make sure their closet and drawers are not too full so they have room to put clothes away.  It should be easy for them to get to their closet and other areas in their room.  Can they easily make their bed without furniture blocking the path?  A nightstand should be placed a few inches away from the bed.  If your children like to read in bed provide a wicker or plastic basket beside the bed to keep their books.  These same organization tips will work for you in your room.

Inside your cabinets and drawers make sure the items you are using daily are not blocked by items you use less frequently.  Daily items should be in front and accessible.  Items used every few months should be placed high or in a back-up storage area. 

Closets should be partly empty so you have room for growth.  They are more likely to stay organized if they are not too full.  Do not use a walk-in closet as a dumping zone.  It is not time efficient to access your clothes if you trip over twenty pairs of shoes on the floor.  Purge and containerize your shoes.  

Can you walk down steps in your house without tripping over items that are waiting to be transferred to another floor?  Use a stair basket to house these items.  You can carry the basket from one floor to the next to put items where they belong.   This will free your steps so you do not block your walking path. 

As much as possible keep your floors free from items.  It will look organized, be easier to clean, and you will not block your paths.  


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