Ten Ways You Can Conquer Fatigue and Have More Energy

If you are tired all the time and lack of energy affects your productivity you may need an energy boost. First, make sure there is not a physical reason that you are tired.  If your health is fine then you may need to change your activities and schedule.  Listed below are some ideas to help you conquer fatigue:

  1. Join a fitness club that you can visit several times a week.  A less expensive option is to exercise routinely at home.
  2.  Schedule relaxing time each week.  It is important to have a balance of work and play.
  3.  Delete unnecessary activities from your schedule.
  4.  Hire help with household tasks such as laundry, cleaning, cooking, and organizing.
  5. Eat healthy foods.  Read a book on nutrition.  There are foods that work like energy boosters.  It is a natural way to conquer fatigue.
  6. Eat a lighter lunch.  A heavy lunch may cause afternoon fatigue.
  7. Schedule a couple of snack breaks during the day.
  8. Reduce stress at work.  Stress can make us very tired.  In extreme cases you may need to look for a new job with less demands.
  9. Delegate more responsibilities to your family.  If you feel you are the family maid picking up after your family then it is time for a new plan.
  10. Schedule lunch or dinner with a friend once a month.  Close relationships to share the events of your life will revive you.

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