Find a Place to Store House Linens such as Sheets and Towels

The most obvious place to store towels and sheets is the linen closet.  Where do you put these linens if your closet is too full or you do not have a linen closet?  Use an under bed container for sheets or keep them in the bedroom closet.  Experiment with the way you fold your towels.  You can maximize your space by the way you fold your towels.  Store towels in sets or put like items together by stacking bath towels, hand towels fingertip towels, and washcloths in four stacks.  Put the towels you use the most on the top and at eye level.  Use plastic baskets for fingertip towels, hand towels, and washcloths.  Another option is to roll towels and place them in a wicker basket on the bathroom floor or roll them and store them in your linen closet.  If you have space in your bathroom you could add an open shelving unit to store your towels.  Tie a satin ribbon around the sets of towels you do not use as often.  It will keep like items together and it will also look decorative in your bathroom.

Tablecloths wrinkle easily so you need to store them appropriately.  You can hang your finer tablecloths in a closet on large wooden or plastic hangers.  You can also place them in a drawer or on a shelf.  Do not make the stack too high or it will be difficult to access the one you need without wrinkling the remaining tablecloths. 

Store your placemats and cloth napkins by sets or separately in two stacks.  You can put your napkins in plastic baskets so they will stay neatly stacked.  Keep your placemats and napkins in your pantry, a kitchen shelf, or a drawer in a china hutch.  Do not wait for guests in order to enjoy your linens.  I keep cloth placemats on my kitchen table with a wicker basket in the middle to hold cloth napkins.  For all our meals, we use the cloth napkins that do not require ironing and are easy to fold.  It is not only good for the environment but every meal seems special.

Use the linens you have on a daily basis.  Limit the amount of table runners and doilies you have so you will not have to store them.  Table runners are good not only for tables but can also be used on items like a dresser or a piano.  Use a doily on end tables, nightstands, dressers, the backs and arms of furniture to catch dirt.  It is easier to wash a doily than to clean a sofa.  Store these items by using them.  

Store your holiday linens with your holiday decorations.  I keep all my holiday towels, runners, tablecloths, napkins, and placemats together in one container.  You do not need to use your daily storage space for items you use once a year. 

Important linen tips:

  • Fold linens immediately when you remove them from the dryer.
  • Keep all linens in a dry location.
  • Remove old, unused linens (use as rags) to free space for your good linens.
  • As much as possible keep your linens close to the location you will use them.
  • Periodically purge your linens.  If it is not a keepsake and you have not used it for years, donate your item to a charity.  This makes organizing your other linens manageable.

 “Keep your linens fresh, clean, and wrinkle-free!”

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