Build a Plan for a Clean House Seven Days a Week

Dust with a lambswool duster.  Lambswool dusters come in various sizes.  The extendable dusters will reach into high places grabbing dust on contact.  You can dust things like ceilings, tops of drapery, ceiling fans, return air vents, high shelves, tops of doorframes, and light fixtures.  An extendable duster will allow you to quickly clean a room without moving a chair or ladder to reach high places.  Some lambswool can be hand washed with wool cleaner.  The easiest way to clean lambswool is to shake the dust outside after each use.    

Use an ostrich feather duster to clean ceramic décor and other knick-knacks.  It is not as effective as lambswool or micro fiber at grabbing dust and dirt, however it will gently remove dust from delicate breakables without knocking them over. 

 Read labels on all cleaning products and use as directed.  Do not mix bleach with other products because this could cause a dangerous mixture.  Keep an extra supply of cleaning products you routinely use.  Running to the store to buy window cleaner the day you are cleaning is not an efficient use of your time.

A good vacuum cleaner is worth the investment.  Your goal is to remove dust not relocate it in your house.  Change the vacuum bag regularly and check for holes in the bag where dust could escape.

 Do not wear shoes that have been worn outside in your house.  The bottom of shoes track in a dirty residue that sticks to carpets and floors.  An alternative is to wear slippers or shoes that have only been worn in the house.

Schedule additional time to clean the extras such as baseboards, vents, under and behind furniture, closets, high shelves, etc.


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