You Need a House Blueprint in Order to Maintain a Clean Home

Maintaining a clean home requires a workable plan.  If you custom build a home, you need a house blueprint.  If your goal is to have a clean house ready for entertaining, you will need a cleaning blueprint.  There are many steps you can take to achieve this goal.

  • Schedule a weekly cleaning day.  Do not schedule appointments, luncheons or shopping excursions on this day.  Cleaning consistently each week will achieve a maintenance plan towards a clean house all the time.
  • It is important to conquer house clutter before you clean.  You will clean efficiently if you do not spend time shuffling clutter piles from one room to the next.  The day before you clean instruct each family member to have their belongings picked-up and put away.  It will be much easier to dust your son’s desk if you can see the top of the desk.
  • Each morning before you begin the activities for the day, do a cleaning touch-up.  This includes wiping off the bathroom sinks, mirrors, and toilets.  Empty the trashcans and sweep up any debris from the floors.  Make the beds, load the dishes in the dishwasher, and put away any leftover clutter from the night before.
  • Use the correct products to clean your house.  You do not need to purchase a lot of chemical cleaners.  Use micro fiber products for dusting and cleaning.  A dry micro fiber cloth will eliminate dust and polish furniture without using chemicals, while wax sprays can actually create dust particles.  Dampen a micro fiber cloth with water to clean smudges off glass and mirrors.  You can also use micro fiber to clean dirt off floors, doors, counters, etc.  A damp micro fiber floor duster will remove dirt that traditional mops leave behind.

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