Organization Solutions for a Busy Woman to Manage her Home

We live in a stressful society that pulls women in hundreds of directions such as: dance lessons, ball games, school events, appointments, meetings, household chores, careers, and social engagements.  We are juggling not only our own schedule of home and career responsibilities, but we are also dealing with our husband and children’s schedule. There never seems to be enough time for a woman running a household to finish all these tasks.  When our house is cluttered and dirty it adds to our stress and effects our self-esteem.  Sometimes it puts us on the attack and we demand too much from our family.

Once you are behind it is hard to catch up, so if you need more time to finish household tasks you may need to take a look at your schedule and begin to delete unnecessary tasks and activities. Begin by setting goals.  You are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.  Each week make a list of what you ‘must do’ and another list of what you ‘hope to do.’  You need to calculate how long it will take you to accomplish each task or attend each activity.  Always build in a cushion because life is filled with the unexpected.  Allow extra time to drive to appointments or meetings incase you encounter a traffic jam.  Always allot for extra time with children because they are full of surprises that will threaten your schedule.  Start with your ‘must do’ list and mark items off as they are completed.  When you complete that list you are ready to tackle your ‘hope to do’ list.

Keep things simple.  If you are hosting dinner party use your glass platters instead of the silver ones that need polishing.   

Look for short cuts.  If you really want to make brownies for your family but do not have the time to make homemade ones, whip up a batch of box-mix brownies.  To save time in the shower, use a shampoo and conditioner combination bottle instead of using individual bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Multi-task by doing more than one task at a time.  While you are driving to a dance lesson quiz your daughter on her spelling words for the week.  Write thank you notes while you listen to the evening news.  Fold laundry while you chitchat with a friend.  

Stay focused on each task and do not allow yourself to become distracted.  If you are organizing the closet do not take a break to read a magazine that your find in the closet.

Delegate tasks to other household members so Mom is not trying to do everything.  Assign age appropriate tasks to your children. 

Plan ahead.  Do not wait until the evening before your children’s first day of school to purchase all their school supplies.  Not only will you waste time fighting crowds of people, but the stores may be out of the needed supplies.

When you are ready for bed see if you can stretch yourself to accomplish one more ten minute task such as unload the dishwasher, fold a load of laundry, or file some household papers.  Use other windows of time during your day to complete a task on your list.  While you are waiting for the school bus to arrive sweep your front walk.

Evaluate how you spend your time.  Are all of the things you devote time to necessary and are you managing your time prudently?  Keep track of how much time you devote to the Internet, phone chats, reading magazines, etc.  You need to schedule relaxing time, but make sure you balance work and play appropriately.

“Overcome that endless ‘To Do List’!”



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