Household Time Saving Tips to Run Your Home Efficiently

Time is something you may always scramble for.  Although there is not an easy solution you can find better ways to manage your time efficiently.  Identify those areas in your home where you think you are wasting a lot of time.   

Keep a shoe box or plastic container for purchase receipts.  Whenever you make a purchase put the receipt in the box so you will be able to find quickly if you need to make a return.

Let the answering machine take your calls when you are pressed for time or in the middle of a project.

Keep a pencil and pad of paper close at hand so you can list items to buy and things you need to do.  You will not have to think about it and your mind can focus on accomplishing your current project.

Color-code your keys so you can identify them quickly.

List home chores that require only a five-minute window of time.  If you pop in the house in between car pool runs, do one of the chores on the list: fold a load of laundry, change bed linen, unload the dishwasher.

Keep color coded file folders handy for current activities in your life.  This would include children’s activities,  committees on which you serve, household projects, etc. 

Buy a stair basket with a handle in which to place items that need to move to another floor.  You will avoid cluttered stairs or constant trips up and down the stairs.

Near the end of each month check your calendar for the upcoming months’ birthdays and anniversaries.  Fill out the cards and stamp and  address the envelopes.  Write the required mailing date on a note and stick a note on each envelope. 


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