Too Much Stuff in Your House Creates Clutter

If you never seem to keep up with cleaning and organizing your home.  The answer may be as simple as this: You may just have ‘too much stuff!’  Over the years it is easy to accumulate a house full of treasures, especially if you move infrequently.  Moving can rescue you because it works like a cleanser.  When you move you feel the urge to discard or donate items to a charity before the movers arrive or before you begin the packing process.  Moving does not guarantee a ‘house purging’ but it helps.  Obviously, it would be foolish to arbitrarily change houses simply to force this purging process. Instead, simply pretend you are moving every year and clear out some stuff.  A good starter list of items eligible for purging should include clothing, knick knacks, household items, and furniture.

If you have trouble parting with items you may be a ‘house crammer.’  If this is a portrait of you then be prepared for extra house-work.  Take the quiz to see if you fall into this category.

 “House Crammer” quiz:

 “I can’t part with this: It was from my favorite grade school teacher.”

 “I know it hasn’t fit in several years but it may fit after my next diet.”

 “It does not match the room decor but if I redecorate in the future it will be perfect.”

 “Isn’t this cute?  I must buy it!  If I move a few items around I can put it on my dresser.”

 “Just build more shelves in the basement and we can move everything downstairs.”

 “These three wall in this room are filled but there is still a little space on this wall to squeeze something in.”

 Apply a the following basic rules to help you conquer clutter and  bust dust

  • Decorate your home according to your schedule.  If you are always short on time, keep your decorations simple. It takes time to clean and put items away.  If you get more free time or hire extra help, then you can afford more decor.
  • You don’t have to sacrifice the things that are important to you in order to decorate efficiently.  Family photos are important to me and I like to display them in my home.  I bought a floor photo frame that holds 8×10 photos.  It fits neatly in a corner, is fast to dust, and did not create nail holes in my wall.  I can enjoy family memories with limited housework.
  • Purge closets, cabinets and drawers every six months.  Fill at least one box with items to be given away.  Filling a storage area completely invites disaster.  Keep each area 20% empty and it is more likely to stay neat.
  • Before you make a purchase ask the following question, “Do I really need this or do I just want it?”  Just as too much food is harmful to a person, too much stuff can be devastating to a busy homemaker.
  • If your dresser is filled with knick-knacks they will share that space with just as many dust balls.  Reserve the dresser top for a few special items.  This will not only save you time but the items you choose will shine in their places of honor.
  • Do not fill every floor space with furniture, even if it satisfies a long desired wish.  I had always wanted a baker’s rack.  I had money saved to make the purchase and had chosen a small space to erect the rack in my breakfast area.  As I was scrubbing the kitchen floor one day I realized buying the rack would increase the amount of time it would take me to clean my kitchen.  I decided I did not have time to spare at this point in my life.  I will save the money for a future purchase.

 “Before an item finds a home in your house make sure you have space and time to clean it!”

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