Preparing Gifts and your Home for the Holiday Season

  • Gifts that are easy to acquire and are greatly appreciated include coupons to events or stores, baskets filled with food items, and gifts such as note cards that are personalized with names or initials.   
  • Use a bread maker to make homemade breads as gifts.
  •  Make baked goods ahead of time and freeze them.
  • Decorate with half of your usual holiday decor.  Your house can still look festive with less effort.  Give some of the extra items to a charitable organization.
  • Wrap gifts immediately after you have bought them.  Be sure to label the box with the recipient’s name and keep a separate list of the contents of each box.
  •  Delete some activities from your schedule during the holiday season.  Limit your volunteer work and extra household projects in November and December.  
  •  Establish family traditions such as dinner at a new restaurant during the month of December. 
  •  Draw names for gift exchanges early.
  •  Address cards before the holiday season begins.    
  • Trade services with a friend.  If you have a knack for baking and a friend has a good eye for decorating, bake holiday treats for her and have her decorate your home.
  • Start all the preparations early so you can enjoy social events.  You do not want to sit at a party thinking about all the gifts that need to be wrapped.
  •  Most importantly, relax and enjoy the holiday season with family and friends.

 “Avoid holiday madness by simplifying holiday preparations!”


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