Holiday Frenzy can be Stressful

Holiday preparations can be very stressful.  You can spend  so much time on preparations you may not enjoy the social events.   It is difficult because people naturally tend to fill all available space and time.  Trying to add additional tasks and activities will naturally create stress.  When you schedule each minute of a twenty-four hour day it is easy to panic in mid-November.  Enjoy the holiday season by planning ahead and keeping things simple. 

 Simple tips to smoothly sail through the holiday season:

  • Do not plan and cook the Thanksgiving meal by yourself.  Coordinate a potluck Thanksgiving dinner and ask everyone to bring her favorite dish to share.  Create this new tradition so you can spend more time with your guests instead of exhausted in the kitchen.
  •  Hire a neighborhood child to help you bake cookies and wrap gifts.
  •  Make a list ahead of time of the names of people for whom you want to purchase a gift.  Do not wait until the holiday season has already begun.  Look through catalogs for ideas and write the ideas down as they come to you.  This will enable you to shop with focus.    
  •  Shop during off-peak times at the mall to avoid crowds and reduce time waiting in lines.  Some of the best shopping times include weekdays in the morning or afternoons, around the evening meal time, or late at night. If you must shop on weekends, try to go very early or very late in the day.  
  •  Order gifts from the catalog or internet of a reputable company with quality merchandise.  Some catalogs and on line purchases offer unique gifts that cannot be purchased anywhere else.


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