Decorating your Home for the Holiday Seasons

New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas.  Decorations are part of the celebration of these holidays.  Each year it is a challenge to know how much time and money to devote to each holiday.  Use some of the following suggestions, and be selective about holidays for which to decorate your home.

  • Use handmade items when possible.  If you buy decorations, do so a day or two after the holiday.  You will often  enjoy discounts of 50% or more.
  • As you find new decorations be willing to get rid of decor you have not used in years.  There are several options:  Give the outgoing items to a friend (this would be a friend who may have commented on how much she likes that particular decoration), sell at a garage sale or give to a charity.
  • Decorate your house anytime from two weeks to one month before the day of the holiday, allowing time to enjoy the festive mood created.  Return decorations to their storage box several days after the holiday.
  • Decorate walls, shelves, counters and tables.
  • Choose the easiest way to decorate a room.  Exchange a year-round item for a holiday decoration.  The process is simple.  Remove the year-round decoration and replace it with the holiday decoration.  Temporarily store the year-round decoration in the holiday storage box.  Your house can look cluttered if you just add lots of decorations without temporarily removing your year-round decor.
  • Here are some examples of decorations you could use; kitchen towels, pot holders, fingertip towels, wall plaques, music boxes, small quilts, candles, pillows, dishes, glasses, serving platters, and bowls.
  • Limit your decorating to a few rooms such as the living room, dining room, hall bath, family room and kitchen.
  • You can decorate the outside of your home with a doormat, wreath, flag, and mailbox arrangement for each holiday.
  • Store your decorations in clear plastic containers in your basement or attic.  Separate on shelves by holiday and label each container.  Exchange year-round decorations for the holiday decor, putting them in the plastic containers.
  • Holidays such as Valentine’s Day and 4th of July will take less time to decorate than Christmas.  You may want to schedule Christmas decorating into several sessions
  • Keep your decorations simple, affortable, and enjoyable! 

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