Organize your Greeting Cards with a Workable System

Sending or giving cards can be enjoyable because it brings a ray of happiness into the heart of the recipient.  Try to personalize each card by writing a short message instead of just signing your name.  Send cards a couple days ahead of time because the mail may be unpredictable.  You do not always need a special occasion to send a card.  You can brighten someone’s day by sending a card that simply states,  “Just wanted to say hi and hope you are having a wonderful day.”  Send ‘thank you’ notes regularly.  Never assume that your appreciation need not be expressed.

There are many ways you can organize your greeting cards.  You can purchase card organizers or make your own.  Use a cardboard box or plastic container that you can put on a shelf or in a drawer.  Cut file folders to fit the container and label each file folder by categories.   I suggest the following categories:  Birthday, Anniversary, Sympathy, Get Well, Friendship, Thank You, Baby, Congratulations, Blank Occasion, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and Invitations.  Write the labels by hand, use a label machine or print the labels from you computer.  Stock each category of your card system so you will be prepared.


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