Tips for what to do with Crammed Clothes into your Closet

Space for things is a continual problem if you do not have a workable organization system.  Clothes take up a lot of space.  You tend to accumulate clothes quicker than getting get rid of them.  Everyone has clothing items that do not fit or that are rarely worn.  Often, these clothes are kept ‘just in case’ they can be worn again.  These extra clothing items end up stuffed in drawers and crammed into closets.  It is difficult to find the outfit you want to wear if you  have to sort through many other articles of clothing.  This continuing battle can be won if you create a system to help resolve this problem.  Make your accommodations fit your needs.  Periodically evaluate your system since the clothing items change or you discover better ways to organize.

 Tips for Organizing Clothes

  •  Sort through each article of clothing and make a decision to keep or remove it from your closet.  If there are items you  have not worn in a long time but are not ready to part with, put the clothing in a box and store it in the basement.  You can make a decision on the item at a later time.  Meanwhile it does not take up valuable closet space.
  • Ideally, you do not want clothes crammed in tight.  When clothes are bunched together in a closet, they wrinkle.  I have organized homes where the clothes are so tight they actually are hanging without hangers.  You are over the eighty percent rule if this happens.  You should leave twenty percent space when you hang your clothes.  It will allow you to find items quickly and add a few new items until you can purge clothing you no longer wear.    
  • Arrange ‘like’ clothes items together.  You can access a dress quickly with this system.  You do not have to hunt through all of your clothes to find a specific dress.  You can just look through the section in your closet where the dresses hang.  You can also color coordinate each section so you can save time each day choosing what to wear.
  • Dressers with smaller drawers can be easier to maintain for smaller clothing items.   If your dresser has large drawers, add small plastic, wood, or fabric containers to separate items.  Put bulky items in the larger drawers.   Neatly fold everything in the drawers and put ‘like’ items together. You open drawers daily to get clothing items out or to put clean clothes back.  Use this time to maintain order by straightening anything out of place.  It takes less time to maintain than reorganize the entire drawer.  The drawer should close easily without clothes getting stuck.  If the drawer does not close, it is time to reorganize.
  • Separate socks by color and style into containers in the dresser drawers.  You can put white socks in one container and dark socks in another.  When you divide items, you conquer the messy problem.  Have your children  help you organize their closet and drawers.  If they know everything has a place and where each item belongs they will be able to maintain order in their room. 
  • You can purchase plastic, wooden, or fabric drawer containers from your local discount store.  Use these in closets for extra drawer space.  They are ideal for socks, stockings, tights, handkerchiefs, and underclothing.
  • Store shoes in the original box or plastic shoe boxes on the floor of your closets or on shoe racks.  You can also purchase hanging fabric shoe organizers for your closet if you have ample hanging space.
  • Purchase containers with several dividers for small items such as barrettes, watches, and jewelry.
  • You  can clip girls bows on a long ribbon attached to a hanger in the closet so they do not take up drawer space.  They will stay crisp and be easy to find with this system.
  • If you have limited space you can purchase containers for under the bed storage.  Use these for off-season clothing or shoe items.
  • Allow for extra space in each drawer and closet.  It will be easier to access items and there will be room for additional items.
  • You can rotate seasonal clothes from bedroom closets to a basement closet or less accessible storage area. 

Avoid  Crammed Clothes the Following Ways:

  1. Divide clothes into separate compartments
  2. Do not overcrowd dressers and closet
  3. Put like clothing articles together


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