Simplify your Home Whenever Possible for Easy Cleaning

  • To save folding time, wash bed linen and immediately return the sheets to the bed.
  • Shades are easier to clean then mini-blinds.  Keep mini blinds clean by dusting often.  If they become extremely dirty wash them in the bathtub or on the driveway with a hose and a scrub brush.
  • Black furniture and glass are harder to maintain.  Black furniture shows dust very quickly and glass tops show fingerprints.  Medium colored wood furniture requires low maintenance.
  • Wipe the microwave each time you use it.  It takes only ten seconds to wipe a clean microwave but it takes longer to remove baked-on food particles.
  •  Install light fixtures that are not intricate and hard to clean.
  •  Minimize the use of silk arrangements.  Cleaning the flowers and leaves is time consuming.
  •  Light carpets show dirt; dark carpets show lint.  Choose a medium colored carpet.
  •  Furniture on rollers such as beds and refrigerators can be moved easily for cleaning. 

A good system will save you time with cleaning and picking up clutter.  Use the extra time to treat yourself to a fun activity.



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