Solving Junk Drawer Clutter

There are areas in your house that constantly become disorganized within a short amount of time.  There are reasons why some areas stay in order and others do not.  Drawers that are frequently used can become disorganized very quickly.  You need to find a workable system.

Dividing like items into compartments is a successful system.  The more you divide, the less likely things will become cluttered.  Add containers to your space so you can conquer the drawer clutter.  Sometimes you need flexibility with your container because you have an abundance of an item at a specific time.  In a junk drawer this would include items such as paper clips, rubber bands, coins, stamps, pens, pencils, scissors,  stapler, magnets, hole punch, tape, stamps, ruler, keys, sunglasses, etc.

Everyone can have an ‘Organized Junk Drawer’ by using the correct containers.  You can purchase individual containers or one piece systems with sections to divide items.  They come in differenct sizes to fit the needs of your drawer space.  These containers can be made out of wood, wire, soft plastic or hard plastic.  The containers also vary in colors.  Clear, white, or black work well in junk drawers.   Primary colors can be used in drawers to organize children’s crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue sticks and scissors.    

In order to fit the needs of you and your family you may need more than one organized junk drawers.  You may need a drawer for office supplies, one for personal items and one for children’s supplies .  It is important that you avoid packing every area totally full. Every space needs room for growth because you always accumulate items more quickly than you purge useless ones.  Suppose, for example, there is a great sale on rubber bands and you decide to stock up.  You would not want to put all the rubber bands in the junk drawer because it would become crowded.  Store extra rubber bands somewhere else, like on a ‘supply’ shelf in the basement, until you need to refill the container in the junk drawer.  When you have completed the task of organizing the junk drawer introduce your family to the organized space and make sure you have organzied it in a way that they agree to maintain.

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