Successful Cleaning Ideas

  •  Control the mildew in your bathrooms by having plenty of light, good air circulation, and use a disinfectant cleaner.
  •  Place baskets on the counter tops in your bathroom for items you need at hand such as make-up and lotion.  When you clean the counter it is faster to pick-up a basket than the loose items.
  • Identify the home chores you do not enjoy and come up with creative alternatives.  For example, if you do not like to clean the fireplace consider using your fireplace differently.  Place large candles inside the fireplace and burn them.  This allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere without the mess.  Add scented candles and your room will have a sweet aroma.
  •  Use large rugs and runners at the entrances to your home.  The rugs can grab most of the dirt from shoes before they enter the rest of the house.  I recommend you and your immediately family take shoes off at the door.
  •  Whenever possible leave enough space between furniture to vacuum.
  •  Make sure you can easily get behind and under furniture to clean.
  •  Do not put furniture in front of windows.  You want easy access to the window for cleaning panes and dusting sills and window treatments.

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